Sunday, November 1, 2009

Home school plan

And here we go!
See you Tuesday!

Friday, September 18, 2009

And here's the other side...

In an effort to keep it "fair and balanced" and real, I'm just confessing that hearing the word, "mom" accompanied by a request for another need (or more commonly, a WANT) was truly getting on my last nerve last night and this morning. It was absolutely nothing they were doing wrong or that was outside what is to be expected, but I really had to go pray for my attitude because Tony is in Ohio, and Jenna is on a Christian retreat with her school, so there was nobody else for them to go to except for "mom"!!! Then, their other teacher threw out her neck during her move, so I found out this morning I'm "on" for school! S-I-G-H. Mama said there'd be days like this.

Here's another little "quirk". They will not go to another floor of our home or a room where no one is without someone going with them because they're scared. In fact, one has to accompany the other and hang out in the bathroom for the fear of this "monster" lurking around our house. Last night with just the 3 of us, I had to peel them off my arms as we were going upstairs! It's been a long time since we had to help children to get over the "bogey-man". Any suggestions?!

The day's gone ok, by the way, in spite of my original "want to run away" attitude. Most of it is just having the serenity to accept the things I cannot change!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Singin' in the Rain...."

Tonight we did something I haven't done....maybe EVER!  It's really been raining here the past two days, and Tony and Maggie took a walk with umbrellas yesterday.  Tonight, Ginger and I joined Tony and Maggie.  We made it down to one end of the street pretty dry with 3 umbrellas and a raincoat, but somehow, it got a little out of control as we discovered the water poured down the curb.  It started with an innocent splash and turned into umbrellas being thrown down and an all-out water war starting.  Ginger and I even had a running race down the street, and she is FAST (or I'm old...!)  I couldn't catch her!  We were all completely drenched as we made it up to the house, as you can imagine, but nothing that a washing machine and warm showers couldn't take care of.  Once again, some huge fun that never would have happened without them!

Doctors, Dentists and clothes, oh my!

When you bring in two new children into your life, there are days when you feel like they are the sun and you are the planet orbiting around them!  They need everything!  You go to the pediatrician, and they needs many blood tests to make sure they're healthy, and it turns into half of your day when the nurse and the nurse practicioner can't get any blood out of them!  I know they felt like pin cushions, and I am amazed that they took it like two Marines!  They were so brave!  And they've been so good for their 8 shots within the last 2 months as we attempt to get their immunizations up to date.  However, they have learned well as new American children, and cut their deal on the way home since they had "suffered" so much.  We laughed as we heard just how much their English skills had developed as they said, "ok, ice cream, TWO TV shows, and no shower!"  And Maggie was very good when she had to get medicine to take care of a parasite she had.  They were so cute as partners: Maggie held her nose and Ginger poured the pink medicine in her mouth (which, by the way, was the most expensive medicine this family has ever had to have!)

Today's adventure included a 2-1/2 hour dentist visit with two cleanings and one minor filling.  The good news is that their teeth, like their hair and nails, are very healthy and it's looking like we've dodged the "braces bullet" too.  The interesting part was that the dentist looked at their panoramic X-rays, saw the full development of their 12 year molars and said that he thinks they're more like 12 years old than 10.   Hmmmm.....another clue!

And just when you think you've got them clothed with some fun, cute and functional things, the season changes and now they need all winter things!  They are very fun to shop with!  Like their big sister, they are all into shopping and fashion, and they know what they like and what they don't.  They still like to please, though, as 10 (or 11, or 12) year olds, and will wear something if encouraged enough!

With all the work that's gone into it, I wouldn't go back and change anything!  It's truly a joy to not only have a way to serve the Lord every day through taking care of these new daughters, but it's a joy to experience all the ways they pour blessings into our lives!  God has truly equipped us as parents of Ginger & Maggie along with Ryan, Joel and Jenna.