Monday, June 29, 2009

Day 3 & 4 in Guangzhou

Hey everyone!  Two more days in the capital city of China and we have lots of ups and a few downs to share.  First of all, the good news!  Ginger's passport got issued today, and our guide, Sarah, went to the airport today to meet whoever was flying it down here.  So we are on schedule to fly back up to LuoYang on 7/1!  We have enjoyed shopping here and have found some very nice gifts and souveniers at great values!  Best of all, the shopping is much less stressful because the shop owners just extend a friendly invitation to their shop instead of 20 people a minute shouting for your attention in heavily accented English!  The city near our hotel has beautiful landscaping that has a relaxed park feel instead of a rushed city feel.  We've had a much more relaxed schedule too, although my body has somehow forgotten how to sleep inl!  The kids have continued to do great together, and although we know it's kind of a "honeymoon" time with challenges ahead, we are so thankful to see energy, laughter, running, teasing, tickling, mutual language learning, bonding, silliness, good communication and getting to know each other going on just about all the time.  We enjoyed a morning at the zoo and it was very well done with animals - new kinds and old.  These are the are the downs.  Maggie continues to struggle with car sickess and actually got sick on the way to the zoo.  As a result, she has decided the solution is to not ever get in a car.  Yeah--that's going to work well in Atlanta!  She is compliant, but understandably fearful and miserable.  I've consulted the internet for help and know we'll be ok once we're home with extra resources, but pray she doesn't develop a phobia before we get home!.  Ryan and Joel found some new friends while out shopping (Ryan is amazing in a foreign culture - he is so likeable, outgoing and fun interacting with the people) and decided to go explore Guangzho last night without letting us in on their plans, which derailed our family fun run for awhile, as you can imagine.  The girls can turn into couch potatoes in front of the TV for as long as we let them, but knowing that Chinese TV is fast coming to an end, we're being flexible on that (and we've learned about the Chinese legend of the Monkey King on TV, which to Jenna and I looks stranger than anything we have ever seen as our eyes widen in disbelief while they just calmly watch it.  We had to have Sarah explain it to us!)  We're getting a little stir crazy and bored in our room, as nice as it is on day 4 today, and I'm longing for the TV to speak English again!  But overall, we are praising the Lord for His blessings!  Tomorrow we go to the American Consulate Office to pick up the girls' Visas to travel home, and THAT will conclude the adoption process!  WOOHOO!!!  We are looking forward to seeing the Chapman's and all who are coming with "Show Hope" to dedicate the building, as we know that will be a great party!  I'm not doing any pictures tonight because I'm too tired!  Thanks for making it to the end!  Good night (and good morning to y'all!)


  1. Hey Marilyn,Tony, Ryan, Joel, Jenna, Maggie and Ginger-
    We are praying for you and see so much joy and unity in the pictures!
    God is shining love on the Amburgy family... We love you and can't wait to see you... Have fun at the dedication!!
    Love and Blessings..

  2. hey,
    maybe you can ask Niu A-yi at the orphanage for some solutions about carsick. i know sometimes chinese knows some speical ways to avoid car sick. I used to have car sick problem when I was in China(everytime, I ride in a car,and I threw up.but not any more now).
    Hope DongYa feels better!!!

  3. Hey fun to follow your journey as we know exactly where you guys are. So sorry for the car sick fiasco. when you get to Luoyang, ask Reggie if he has anything with him (he is a doc and with the Chapman's)...she may need something for the plane too. Anyway...thanks for keeping us updated. we have loved the stories and pictures. Wishing we could be in Luoyang for the opening. Give our love to your family and all in Luoyang...especially Michael and Mikey. blessings!!!

  4. I will pray for Maggie's car sickness. Hope she does ok in a plane!

    Can't wait to meet the girls. God bless and have a safe trip home.