Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A little history...

How does a family go from having no idea about orphans and no intention whatsoever to adopt to getting on a plane in 5 days to go get twins from China who are 9 years old going on 10?

It's simple: hang around Steven Curtis Chapman just a little and get to know his and Mary Beth's friends at their "Show Hope" orphan ministry events, who just happen to be the "heavy hitters" of the orphan cause. THEN, go on a short term mission trip to China, only with intentions of continuing your giving ministry and meet these orphans face to face and watch God lay His heart on your husband and transform him before your eyes. Then just go ahead and try to go home and resume your life, but you may as well get your white flag out, wave it around, get ready for the paperwork adventure of your life, pull out your checkbook, book your tickets, and get your heart ready to expand by 2! :o)


  1. love you guys.... prayers abound!!!! Can't wait to meet (re-meet) the girls!!

  2. I am there in heart, soul and spirit. Everything but the body. Getting 2 new granddaughters in 2 days is keeping me here otherwise I was to have been in China now as well!! This has been an incredible adventure I have been blessed to share with you from start to finish. Love You All

  3. Marilyn,
    We just got your email this morning, and have gotten setup to follow on the blog.
    Bless your hearts, and your new daughters.
    Karen and I will be praying all the way for you.
    What a wonderful thing. And these two sweet ladies look like they will fit right into your wonderful family. What a blessing.
    God bless. - Steve

  4. Marilyn:

    So excited for you all!
    We commit to praying for you every day. Praise the Lord for the great thing He is doing. (Our grandchildren call us bobo and paw paw. We don't know how it got on here, but can't get it off).
    Love and prayers,


  5. love for you all. Tell Joel and Ryan i said to stay away from certain parts of the hotel but that i love them (and Jenna too). when you go shopping see if you can find any cute shoes for my 1 year old and new to soon be born granddaughter and get them for me.